Eurostyle – Slate Impression

Eurostyle slate impression concrete garden edging has been the benchmark when it comes to landscape edging in Melbourne for many years. It is extremely functional but still extremely attractive with low maintenance required.

Add prestige value to your home and garden with our unique hand finished process – but at a fraction of the cost of real slate!


Eurostyle – Rustic Wood

If you would like the look of timber (including railway sleepers) for your garden edging but don’t want the hassle of maintaining it, then Eurostyle Rustic Wood is the solution.

It is hand finished with wood grain texture and comes with the strength of concrete -so it will not rot away over time like timber does.

Eurostyle rustic wood has a natural wood look that will blend into the textures and colours of your garden. It can be laid in any shape your desire so you are not restricted like you are with timber garden edging.


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