Quality assurance

Staff at Curberry Kwik Kerb have a strong commitment to providing the highest quality product, the best price and good old fashioned service. The most advanced Kwik Kerb techniques are used to lay various unique designs of this durable concrete edging. You can be assured that Curberry staff are dedicated to the highest level of customer service that is consistent with the outstanding quality of our products. We take pride in our work!


Exclusive Kwik Kolor finish for all Curberry jobs

Kwik Kerb edging uses an exclusive Kwik Kolor process to create a prestigious, long lasting and visually appealing finish. Kwik Kolor is superior to painted finishes. It is harder than concrete and it is sealed to give a durable, stain resistant and attractive finish to your designer look concrete edge.


Choose Your Style

What style you want is completely up to you with Curberry’s Kwik Kerb. Kwik Kerb has two main finishing styles Euro style and Euro brick and within these are any number of variations.


Euro style Slate Impression concrete edging

  • hand finished
  • detailed textures
  • mimic the desirable look of real slate

Euro brick authentic bricks and mortar styled edging

  • patented process exclusive to Kwik Kerb
  • Euro brick is a great way to finish your kerbing
  • allows you to design your own paver look in your garden
  • any number of colours or combination of colours can be used – give your kerb the style you want

Euro style Rustic Wood concrete edging

  • hand finished 
  • made to look like wood sleepers
  • can be laid in any shape you desire, unlike wood sleepers

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